The Intelligent Inbound® Podcast
The Intelligent Inbound® Podcast

Season 2, Episode 3 · 2 months ago

Negotiating Business Strategy Like Your Life Depends on It


®With Brandon Voss, President of The Black Swan Group

On this episode of the Intelligent Inbound® Podcast, Jen sits down with Brandon Voss, President of The Black Swan Group, as they discuss the art of skillful negotiation and the power of inbound methodology to reach new audiences.

Founded by former FBI lead hostage negotiator, Chris Voss, The Black Swan Group teaches companies, teams, and individuals how to navigate complex communication hurdles with real-life hostage negotiation strategies.

As Brandon explains, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, The Black Swan Group, like many live events companies, had to pivot. And so they began to track customer engagement and nurture trust with their audience in an ever-changing market. Thanks to The Black Swan Group’s inbound-first approach, what could have been a catastrophic shift in the market, became the team’s next great success.

Now, with the help of inbound marketing, the team has expanded its reach while building trust with its audience. In doing so, they’ve created better listeners, and better leaders, one negotiation at a time.

Listen in as Jen and Brandon discuss:

  • Pivoting marketing strategy during the COVID outbreak (4:47)
  • Measuring long-term customer engagement (11:43)
  • Build trust in an ever-changing market (17:15)
  • Negotiate as if your life depended on it (19:25)
  • Getting your message out in the world with inbound marketing (24:33)
  • Effecting cultural change at the corporate level (33:01) 

The power of Tactical Empathy™ (35:20)

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